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Construction diagnosis

BARG Diagnostyka Budowli Sp. z o.o. is a member of the national wide capital group BARG S.A.

Our unit specialises in examining elements of building structure and constructions of whole   facilities in respect of stability, degree of wear, advancement of corrosive processes, thermal insulation, etc. We determine the reasons of damage and prepare repair projects of the tested facilities.

The main aspects or our activity are:

  • Testing physical features of constructional materials
    • resistance,
    • absorbability,
    • frost resistance
    • geometry,
  • Non-destructive tests of concrete reinforcement breakdown and cover thickness in reinforced concrete constructions with the usage of ferromagnetic and geo-radar devices
  • Non-destructive tests of protective coat thickness of metal elements and control thickness testing of steel frames' elements (water-pipeline wall, hollow section, elements with one-way access)
  • Preparation of an expert opinion, preparation of repair technology, giving opinions about a project.
  • Preparation of executive projects in respect of repairs of the already existing constructions,
  • Thermography
  • Examination of brick elements
  • Mycology
  • Rooms air permeability in accordance with the norm PN-EN 13829
  • Server rooms air permeability in accordance with the norm PN-EN 15004


Among vast number of diagnostic works, opinions and expertise, there are many interesting facilities, for example:

  • Central Railway Station in Warsaw,
  • tunnel of Warsaw's underground,
  • heat distribution tunnel under the Vistula river
  • architectural heritage building of Field Cathedral of the Polish Army, Twierdza Nysa (a fortress), tenement buildings in Warsaw, horse racing tracks
  • buildings of heat and power generating plant in Łódź, Białystok, Warsaw and Kozienice,
  • railway line and road facilities throughout the country,
  • shopping centres in Warsaw, Toru, Bielsko Biała, Gliwice and Cracow
  • facilities located on the territory of industrial zones of, i.a. Płock, Włocławek, Suwałki, Wałbrzych, Wrocław, Trzebnica, Opole, Wołczyn
  • and many other, smaller and bigger facilities on the territory of Poland