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Construction evaluation

A detailed assessment of structural condition performed prior to planned purchase or a repair, or in case of visual faults occurrence, enables for adequate planning of any future actions and, as a result, cut costs. We provide you with the knowledge that will help in making fast and good decision concerning the scope of repair, choice of technology or profitability of the prospective estate. Each penny spent on the evaluation of the structural condition pays off.

Research facility, experienced staff that uses state of the art diagnostic devices as well as contact with academic centres, allows us to execute even most difficult project concerning assessment of structural condition. The company takes pride in implementing tasks concerning residential constructions, cubature, road-engineering, hydro-engineering, energy transmission grid.


Trainings and publications

Expertise in implementation of many construction assessment, diagnostic research and results of own researches, allows us to share the knowledge through trainings or publications in journals.


Using ferromagnetic devices in construction diagnostics. Przegląd budowlany 5/2015.

Nowadays, engineers frequently face a challenge to design superstructures or an adaptation of an already existing building to adjust it to a new load.To achieve that it is necessary to find a relatively fast and economic solution to review all elements of a construction.In case of identifying the number and distribution of all reinforced concrete bars, ferromagnetic devices, also known as reinforcement scanner, seem to be applicable.



Floor bases. Requirements, design, implementation. Materiały budowlane 11/2015

Neither norms nor regulations operating in Poland include specific requirements regarding floor bases' class of strength or thickness. Even though, they are very well described in regulatory requirements on the German side, they are however, not used in Poland. Due to that lacks,  it is advisable to implement some default guidelines, which would stipulate minimal requirements concerning classes of compressive, bending and stripping strength in case of a particular set of finishing coats and thickness of bases.The abovementioned guidelines should make the work of engineers more efficient and increase the standard of buildings’ finishing put into operation.


 Enjoy the reading.