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Aggregate studies

We offer full scope of aggregate tests.

BARG Road and construction laboratories offer full scope of Within the scope of our services one can find type tests, periodical and current tests, resulting from current producers' needs, legal requirements and norms (norms series PN-EN, PN-B, PN-S).

badani kruszyw

We help in more appropriate setting of material production in respect of keeping the right parameters for a particular implementation. We deal comprehensively with creation and implementation of FPC systems and documentation required by actual legal status within constructional products, as well as trainings in that scope. We support aggregates manufacturers in correct distribution of documents (Declaration of performance, Labels) and optimise the scope for necessary tests. We support concrete manufacturers in making proper choice of aggregate for special purpose concrete (pavement, bridge, flooring and others) and for regular usages. We carry out continuous inspection of materials at concrete mix production plants and aggregates' qualification in respect of possibility to use them in production of concrete for a particular use. We also run qualification studies of materials, in respect of suitability in highway engineering - windrows, foundations, subcrusts, filtrative and freeze resistant layers as well as aggregates for  bituminous mass. We carry out detailed chemical and petrography analysis of stone and tests of build-in aggregates construction for diagnostic purposes. 

We have long experience in testing aggregates, specialized tools, professional engineering and management staff.
Determinations are carried out in accredited laboratories.

Aggregate studies are carried out within the following norms:

  • PN-EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete
  • PN-EN 13043 Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas
  • PN-EN 13242 Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction
  • PN-EN 13450 Aggregates for railway ballast
  • PN-EN 13055-1 Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout
  • PN-EN 13139 Aggregates for mortar
  • PN-B 06712 Mineral aggregate for concrete
  • PN-B 06711 Mineral aggregate. Sand for mortar
  • PN-S 06102 Motor roads. Sub-base made of mechanically stabilised aggregate
  • PN-S 02205 Motor roads. Earthwork . Specifications and testing
  • PN-B 11111 Mineral aggregates. Natural aggregates for road layers. Gravel and mixture.
  • PN-B 11112 Crushed-stone for road layers.
  • PN-B 11113 Mineral aggregates. Natural aggregates for road layers. Sand and many others including constructional tests concerning mineral aggregates

In order to obtain our full offer, please contact our regional representative.

Please get acquainted with our offer on concrete testing.