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Concrete tests

Relying on the knowledge and experience of our engineers, BARG group offers complex technological counselling, concrete tests, fly ash, lime and many other mineral additives and binders. 

cementProper determination of binder's compressive strength is one of the basic elements allowing to design concrete of certain strength The kind and strength-level of concrete used influences also other concrete strength parameters, vital to a particular usage. Such physical and chemical features as density, fineness, water requirement, time of binding, constancy of volume, loss on ignition, the content of sulphate and chloride, substantially influence the features of concrete, made on the basis of cement.

Precise determination substantially influences the work of every production engineer and allows to design material of required technological characteristics. We also offer technological counselling services connected with the choice of the right concrete, appropriate for the requirements of construction under design. All requirements of a particular project is taken into consideration, that is: purpose, maintenance conditions, size of the construction, environmental conditions, potential alkaline reactivity of an aggregate, rate of strength accrual, thermal activity or standard specification concerning design of a particular kinds of concrete and its accessibility in the region. 

Also the quality of fly ash is checked.
Due to diversity of origin of this material on our market, as well as the process of co-firing, there are significant differences in the content of unburned coal, fineness or mineral composition.
Exact determination of the level of those features before the fly ash is used, often proves to be necessary in the concrete mix designing process.
We run detailed chemical analysis of binders and mineral additives, determining the presence and level of chemical substances, elements or radioactive radiation

We work within the following norms (PN-EN 196 series concerning technical specification of concrete):

  • PN-EN 197-1 "Cement - Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria for common cements"
  • PN-EN 413-1 "Masonry cement - Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria"
  • PN-EN 413-2 "Masonry cement - Part 2: Test methods"
  • PN-EN 14227-4 "Hydraulically bound mixtures - specifications - part 4: fly ash for hydraulically bound mixtures"
  • PN-EN 197-2 "Cement -- Part 2: Conformity evaluation"
  • PN-EN 450-1 PN-EN 450-1 "Fly ash for concrete -- Part 1: Definition, specifications and conformity criteria"
  • PN-EN 14227-14 Hydraulically Bound Mixtures - Specifications - Part 14: Soil Treated By Fly Ash and other norms concerning binders, also series PN-B i PN-S"
  • PN-EN 450-2 "Fly ash for concrete - part 2: conformity evaluation"
  • PN-EN 14227-3 "Hydraulically bound mixtures - specifications - part 3: Fly ash bound granular mixtures"

In order to obtain our full offer, please contact our regional representative.