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Concrete tests


BARG construction and road laboratories provide full service in concrete technology.

We offer our support to manufacturers and consignees on different types of road and building investments as well as on civil engineering construction. 

We support supervision at the investor's side and take part in preparation of quality specification.One of our services is to run tests of concrete mix at its creation and its unloading.In such a way we can control and implement improvements which can minimise the risk of using a mixture of improper parameters.

As far as concrete tests are concerned we deal also with marking all strength and durability features under norms PN-EN, PN-B and PN-S. Our expertise in designing recipes for concrete mix intended for continuous production and for special use. The ingredients are carefully chosen after pre-analysis of the results, so to obtain the optimal outcome of designed features and keep all economics criteria. We run laboratory tests of the designed mixtures and supervise test batches in factories.

We also run wide range of technological counselling connected with production, design, transport and building-in concrete mixtures. We prepare quality assurance plan. We work within construction diagnosis, which allows us to solve problems occurring in already constructed buildings or elements, and monitor individual features emerging in the construction. We deal with creation and implementation of the Factory Production Control System at concrete mix factories and run counselling and training services in that scope. Our offer includes complex tests of aggregate, concrete, water, impurities and additconcreteives for concrete manufacturers and consignees


We possess fully-fitted laboratory cars, experienced laboratory staff, professionals in the engineering field with long-term experience in working with different kinds of concrete, among those:

  • plain concrete, heavy and light - hydrodynamic
  • pavement
  • bridge
  • tremie concrete mix
  • ASCC and SCC
  • concrete on foundations
  • BWW

We operate nationwide and run tests in our accredited or certified laboratories. Complexity of our services can be also employed in production of concrete elements, such as  Belgian blocks, curbs, boarders, wells, concrete pipes and many others.

We also run tests and design recipes on injection slurry, joint mixes and road ground beam.

We operate within the following norms and technical documents:

  • PN-EN 206:2014-04 "Concrete - Specification, performance, production and conformity"
  • PKN-CEN/TS 12390-9:2007 "Frost resistance of concrete with the participation of de-frosting salt"
  • PN-EN 12504-1 „Cored specimens - Taking, examining and testing in compression"
  • PN-EN 12504-2 „Non-destructive testing - Determination of rebound number".
  • PN-B 06250 „Plain concrete”
  • PN-EN 13369 „Common rules for precast concrete products”
  • PN-B 06281 „Precast concrete elements. methods of strength testing
  • PN-EN 1015-11 „Methods of testing hardened mortar”
  • PN-S-96013 „Roads - lean concrete base course. requirements and tests" and many other concerning concrete technology and diagnostics.

In order to obtain our full offer, please contact our regional representative.

You are also advised to get acquainted with our aggregate tests offer.