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Agricultural laboratory testing

Please find our offer for agricultural laboratory testing. Among others, we run tests with the usage of Protcor apparatus. Details:

  • Test sieving according to PN-B-04481:1998, PN-EN 933-1
  • Aerometric analysis according to PN-B-04481:1998
  • Determination of sanding index according to PN-EN 933-8, BN-8931-12
  • Assessment of land suitability for earthwork:
    o   rain-size analysis according to PN-B 04481:1988,
    o   sanding index according to BN 8931-01,
    o   filtrate factor k10 according to BN-76/8950-03, PN-55/B-04492
    o   passive capillarity ratio according to the norm PN-60/B-04493
    o   graining non-uniformity index U
  • Testing maximum volumetric density of a ground frame and optimal humidity using Proctor method, according to PN-B-04481:1988, PN-EN 13286-2
  • Subdivision index test with the usage of pressing cylinder according to norm PN-B-04481:1988
  • Subdivision index test with the usage of a sand/ water voltmeter according to norm BN-8931-12
  • CBR and IPI testing according to norm PN-EN 13286-47
  • Determination of compressive strength of mixtures bound by binder according to norm  PN-EN 13286-41
  • Determination of frost resistance index of mixtures bound by a binder
  • Assessment of suitability of aggregates to foundation stabilised mechanically
  • Assessment of suitability of a ground and aggregate to concrete stabilisation

Apart from the services above, we also offer field soil survey.