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Engineering geology


We have a possibility to perform survey of buildings from the phase of designing its foundation up to its implementation.Our services include testing of construction material.In the exploitation phase we offer diagnostic researches of buildings and their elements.

BARG-ARTGEO Sp. z o.o. offers:

  • geotechnical-engineering and geotechnical surveys for the needs of design and implementation of buildings and for spatial planning,
  • preparation of geotechnical opinion, documentation of the ground testing, geotechnical projects, projects of geological works and geological-engineering documentation,
  • primary studies of soil-water conditions in order to assess suitability of building plots for development, at the purchase phase,
  • execution and documentation of foundation pits,
  • geological-engineering and geotechnical surveys, carried out in order to assess the reason for damages to construction facilities and evaluation of technical condition of a construction, especially facilities of historical value,
  • ecophysiology studies in the scope of geology and geotechnics,
  • geological and geotechnical supervision over construction in respect of earthwork, acceptance of diggings for foundation and roads, and windrows,
  • counselling concerning suitability of areas for investment in respect of soil-water conditions


Geological-engineering and geotechnical sections, hole charts and profiles, profiles of foundation pits as well as maps constituting an element of documentation are prepared in AutoCAD, what enables designing offices to use the files.

You are also advised to get acquainted with our offer on foundation tests.

Our projects:

Below you will find exemplary projects carried out on the basis of our researches and tests

  • over 300 buildings and housing estates made by developer companies (SGI Balits, Modehpolmo, Vastbouw) Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego in Stargard, Szczecin, Międzyzdroje, Goleniów and other investors
  • over 100 single-family buildings in Szczecin, all cities in Western Pomeranian province and many villages,
  • apartment-hotel complex in Pl. Batorego and ul. Dworcowa in Szczecin,
  • apartment buildings in Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Dziwnów, Pobierowo and Sarbinowo,
  • warehouse MAKRO Cash and Carry in Szczecin, ul. Południowa,
  • hypermarket REAL in Szczecin, ul. Struga
  • supermarket KAUFLAND in Szczecin, ul. Struga,
  • shopping centre MOLO in Szczecin, ul. Mieszka I,
  • shopping centre STER in Szczecin, ul. Ku Słońcu I,
  • shopping centre GRYF together with furniture shops and McDonald's restaurant in Szczecin, ul. Wiosenna,
  • DIY home improvement store CASTORAMA in Szczecin, ul. Ku Słońcu, Wiosenna and Południowa,
  • DIY and home improvement store CASTORAMA in Gorzów Wielkopolski, ul. ks. A. Czartoryskiego,
  • DIY and home improvement store LEROY-MERLIN in Szczecin, ul. Golisza and Struga,
  • Sports and entertainment arena, ul. Szafera in Szczecin,
  • a swimming pool in Świdwin,
  • marinas in Stepnica, Wolin, Darłówko and Szczecin,
  • modernisation of ul. Wyszyńskiego,
  • reconstruction of ul. Autostrada Poznańska and bridges over the Odra Zachodnia and the Regalica river
  • the S3 express road in the Ostrowice - Troszyn section, together with the Parłówko junction
  • a national road no. 16 in the Barczewo – Biskupiec section,
  • the ring road of Olecko city as a part of the national road 65,
  • a forest fire protection road for forestry management in Wester Pomerania, Lubuskie and Greater Poland province (over 20, 2-10 km long sections),
  • Bridgestone tyres manufacturer in Stargard - Kluczewo,
  • over 20 industrial halls on the territory of sub-zones of Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone in Kostrzyn, Goleniów, Stargard and Słubice,
  • cell base stations, supervision dispatcher tower, etc. - all together over 150 locations,
  • comprehensive projects for water-sewage systems in Szczecin (part of ISPA project) and for the following municipalities: Kołbaskowo, Choszczno, Ostrowiec, Golczewo, Widuchowa in Western Pomerania; Torzym, Santok, Lubiszyn, Bogdaniec, Kłodawa, Witnica in Lubeskie province; Czechowice-Dziedzice in Silesia; Przygodzice in Greater Poland province,
  • high pressure gas pipeline Recław – Kamień Pomorski and survey for trenchless pipe lining under swamps between Skarchowo and Dusin,
  • pedestrian and vehicular beach access in Świnoujście, Międzywodzie, Dziwnówek, Łukęcin, Pobierowo, Pustkowo, Trzęsacz, Niechorze and Pogorzelica.

The most important pending projects, or ones at the tender stage, designed on the basis of surveys carried out by ArtGeo:

  • Szczeciński Szybki Tramwaj (Szczecin Fast Tram) from Basen Górniczy to „Turkusowa” tram loop,
  • ring road in Szczecin,
  • Van Heyghen in Stargard, a steel processing plant.

Surveyed old architectural heritage buildings:

  • reconstruction of Chojna Church of St. Mary,
  • former Cistercian church in Bierzwnik,
  • village churches in Sucha Koszalińska, Kościenica, Koszewo, Warszyn,
  • palace complexes in Świerzno and Trzęsacz
  • castle hill in Białogard,
  • east slope of the Pomeranian Dukes` Castle in Szczecin,
  • Brama Wałowa in Stargard,
  • residential buildings dating back to the 19th century in Stargard and Szczecin,
  • hunting lodge in Kuropatnik,
  • parts of city walls in Maszewo and Choszczno.

Największy obiekt zaprojektowany na podstawie badań wykonanych przez ArtGeo:

  • Express way no. S3 Nowa Sól – Legnica (79 km long, 72 bridges, viaducts and flyovers). In year 2010 - 2012 geological-engineering and geotechnical documentations were prepared for the constructional and executive programme conception, based on the total amount of 2700 holes.

The smallest structures:

  • Advertising mediums and transformer container stations (one hole for each location).

Examples of some unusual projects:

  • projects connected with the earthwork technology accompanied by research of soil and evaluation of soil on windrows for single-family houses estate in Siadło Dolne, and multi-family houses estate TBS "Prawobrzeże”, ul. Wschodnia - Sąsiedzka in Szczecin-Podjuchy (balance of the soil carried out by Coriolis PRO company, specializing in engineering and hydrographic surveying)
  • drilling works made in order to seat poles of trench lining for a wall foundation of a fire partition on the premises of Osiedle Poziomkowe SGI Balist, ul. Rapackiego in Szczecin,
  • sampling future spoil from the bottom of port areas for the purpose of chemical research. Concerned Dąbie, Słoneczne and Syrenie Stawy lake in Szczecin,
  • drilling for archaeological investigation in Stargard (i.a. in order to search for remains of Russian soldiers on Plac Wolności),
  • geological-engineering research of ferry crossing in Świnoujście (for a phase of technological-economic-environmental investment research), apart from historical archive materials, based also on drilling including a hole made in the middle of Świna up to the depth of 35 m below the water level.