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Tests of foundations


Network of building laboratories of BARG group carries out comprehensive test of foundations. Within the scope of our services one can find, among others, VSS tests.The list of all tests available on our offer can be found below:

  • Test sieving according to PN-B-04481:1998, PN-EN 933-1
  • Aerometric analysis according to PN-B-04481:1998
  • Determination of sanding index according to PN-EN 933-8, BN-8931-12
  • Assessment of land suitability for earthwork:
  • grain-size analysis according to PN-B 04481:1988,
  • sanding index according to BN 8931-01,
  • filtrate factor k10 according to BN-76/8950-03, PN-55/B-04492
  • passive capillarity ratio according to the norm PN-60/B-04493
  • graining non-uniformity index U.
  • Testing maximum volumetric density of a ground frame and optimal humidity using Proctor method, according to PN-B-04481:1988, PN-EN 13286-2
  • Subdivision index test with the usage of pressing cylinder according to norm PN-B-04481:1988
  • Subdivision index test with the usage of a sand/ water voltmeter according to norm BN-8931-12
  • Testing module of deformation of ground, windrows, foundation using VSS plate according to norms PN-S-02205, 64/8931-02 (counterweight on the part of the principal)
  • Testing the level of subdivision using DPL probe according to PN-B-04452, PN-EN ISO 22476-2
  • Testing dynamic module of a dynamic load plate ( Is and Ev2 calculation)
  • CBR and IPI testing according to norm PN-EN 13286-47
  • Determination of compressive strength of mixtures bound by binder according to norm  PN-EN 13286-41
  • Determination of frost resistance index of mixtures bound by a binder
  • Assessment of suitability of mechanically stabilised aggregates for foundation
  • Assessment of suitability of a land and an aggregate for concrete stabilisation

 Please get also acquainted with the offer of agricultural laboratory testing.