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Accredited- BARG Group accredited construction and road laboratories

BARG Group is a Polish nationwide network of testing laboratories (construction and road), which help to control the building material's quality. Our services are employed in building road constructions or buildings. 

We offer our help to both the executive companies and the production ones. We test the inbuilt material „in-situ”, determine parameters of a concrete mix and mechanical features of concrete at sites or at production facilities.

We have the expertise and necessary measuring equipment. All that enables us to identify the state of a  building construction. Our opinions and construction evaluation are prepared on the basis of diagnostics tests.

We offer consultations regarding construction investments.

Our laboratories service aggregate mines, production plants of pre-mixed concrete and prefabricated products, all over Poland. We can prepare documentation for the Factory Production Control System as well as introduce and prepare a construction products manufacturing plant to get a certificate. We deal with wide range of types and periodical examinations (i.a., Proctor test, dynamic load plate test, etc.)

We have acquired accreditation for tests in four localisations: Siemianowice Śląskie, Ożarów (Warszawa vicinity), Poznań and Gdynia. Detailed information on the scope of our services can be found in tab: BARG Group's PCA certificates.


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    We offer wide range of assistance in respect of concrete technology, control of the
    formulas of concrete mix, as well as making the right choice and running a control of constituent materials, including the ways of transportation and cementation in specific conditions.

    We carry out geology and geology and engineering tests as well as geotechnical tests - for the purpose of designing and erectiing building structures, as well as to carry out spatial planning. We also deal with making geology boreholes.

    We offer complex service in respect of technology of bituminous mixtures. (mixtures extraction, bituminous mixtures tests, and others).

    Take advantage of our services!