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Phases of FDC implementation

In respect of activities relating to the Factory Production Control System, that is tools for continuous internal control of processes connected with launching, building and construction material on the market, we offer complex implementation system. In order to ensure high quality of cooperation and procedures realisation, implementation of FPC services is performed in the following phases.

Phase I - Visit at the production plant

Visit at the production plant allows us to get to know the organisation system and analyse production cycle. It is one of the most important elements of system implementation. In-depth observation of the way a production plant works and presentation of our company's ideas can be treated as the preliminary inspection, planning and decision making phase.

Phase II - Preparation of proposal and documentation

The longest phase in the process of PFC implementation. Close and committed cooperation of the plant representative will allow to prepare documentation that is most suited and adjusted to the existing standards of work.

Phase III - Training

Fully prepared documentation will be presented to the company staff - not only to the management one, but also to the production workers who are directly responsible for implementation of the procedures.
Training will also resolve doubts concerning interpretations or allow for document completion.

Phase IV - System implementation

At that phase the already prepared documents will be implemented into the organisation. From now on, trained and well-informed, staff starts to put in records

Phase V - Help in choosing the right certification body

Where it is necessary, we help in making the right choice concerning a unit which is to run certification of the implemented FPC.

Phase VI (Optional) - continuous supervision over FPC

When it is necessary, our specialist can fulfil the role of a FPC representative, and improve the implemented FPC. This service is mainly designed for small and medium production plants, where hiring a full-time employee on such post is not necessary.

The following services comprise of phase VI:

  • supervision over documentation and record (keeping documentation up-to-date, implementation of changes)
  • active participation in FPC inspection
  • preparation and organisation of FPC system review and documentation of operation after the review.
  • analysis of training needs and implementation of required in-house trainings
  • planning internal audits, where it is necessary
  • supervising correcting/ preventing actions
  • representing manufacturer before notified bodies
  • counselling in respect of constructional work