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Since 1 July 2013 a lot of changes concerning construction products have been introduced as a result of Regulation  (EU)  No  305/2011  Of  The  European  Parliament  And  Of  The  Council which lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repeals Council Directive 89/106/EWG.

This document regulates duties of a producer, i.a. rules concerning CE marking, preparation and distribution of declaration of performance or making product available on the market.
Obligatory character of the regulation concerns products which fall under the harmonised standard of European technical assessment, enabling at the same time for free and equal products distribution on the territory of EU member countries.
The idea behind harmonising the regulations is assurance of requirements concerning safety of facilities (i.a. stability and load-carrying ability, fire safety and sustainable usage of raw materials), that is assurance of correct and safe usage of facilities.


Construction products launched on the market in the national system fall under the obligation to mark them with the construction mark B. Updated Act on construction products is just one of the steps that bring the national regulations closer to the UE 305/2011 regulation.


Regardless the abovementioned, the common feature of all the fields is the duty to document, implement and maintain the Factory production control. Depending on requirements and a kind of product, one can distinguish the following systems: 1, 1+, 2+, 3, 4, which differ between duties imposed on a producer and degree in which a notified body is to take part in the process.



Pre-mixed concrete is a special case, as it was not included in the act on construction products. PN-EN 206 norm should include requirements concerning the Factory Production Control System, however, it is not a harmonised norm. Therefore, Regulation UE 305/2011 is not applicable.

Nevertheless, this year started with revolutionary changes for producers of pre-mixed concrete. On 3 March 2016, the Minister of Transport and Construction announced a draft regulation on, among others, producers of pre-mixed concrete.
The duty to prepare national declaration of performance, implementation and maintenance of the Factory production control and - for construction concrete - the duty to maintain assessment system and verification of consistency of performance 2+ is to be introduced on 1 January 2017. The national declaration of performance will constitute a base for concrete marking with construction mark B and for marketing concrete according to the national system.

It means that every producers' duty will be to certify the FPC for pre-mixed concrete production and to implement compatibility assessment.

PN-EN 206 norm presents detailed requirements concerning procedures and regime of the Factory Production Control System. It also systematises the compatibility assessment - starting from the initial production, up to evaluation based on statistical tools (e.g. Shewhart control card).