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the Factory Production Control System

Services offered in the scope of the Factory Production Control System (FPC) include comprehensive introduction of the system in a production plant. BARG Group, which is known to you as a network of testing laboratories and a highly professional work contractor, would like to meet its customers' needs in respect of preparation and implementation of the factory production control.

Our experts are experienced in implementation of the system in such production plants as:

  • The bill, which was to implement the requirement to label PRE-MIXED CONCRETE with the Polish B construction safety sign, has been given to public consultation.
    Structural concrete will have to be produced in evaluation system and certification of constancy of performance 2+ , which enforces the need to certify production (the Factory Production Control System) in an accredited certification body.
    The proposed regulation (see pos. 26, attachment 1): draft of the regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and the Maritime Economy on declaration of performance of construction products and method of marking them with construction product’s mark
  • Aggregate mines
  • Prefabrication plants
  • Bitumen mastic production plans
  • Micro-dimensional of concrete elements from vibropressed concrete production plants
  • Chemical admixture production plants
  • Other production plants

We pride ourselves in professionalism, expertise, timeliness and competitive prices.

We cooperate with major, well-established companies in Poland and abroad.

Our greatest asset is practical approach towards the issue.

Our team comprises of a group of experts, auditors, representatives for quality assessment and a group of engineers in the field of construction materials.

While FPC implementation, we adjust it to the already existing production process, not the other way round.

The offer is addressed to all producers of building and construction materials, who are, or will be, obliged to use the CE marking on their products, under the harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment, or labelled with the Polish B construction safety sign under the Polish standard or the national assessment document. 


Kontrola produkcji

We are fully aware of the fact that implementation of the Factory production control is a necessity when trying to maintain high competitiveness and prestige of a company.